The Bemidji community will be a model for race relations in our state.  We will embrace cultural understanding and respect between the Indian and non-Indian community, and strong participation of Indian people in every aspect of Bemidji community life.  Bemidji will be known as a community that works together to expand opportunities for people of all races.


Shared Vision is a community effort to address the issue of racial diversity and racial disparity.  While the Bemidji community has much to be proud of, there is also recognition among community members that the community must do a much better job of addressing the issues of racial disparity and racial bias.  If we are going to be the community we want to be, then we have to create expanding opportunity for all.

Our mission statement is clear about our role: to “be a catalyst that encourages the Bemidji community to work together to expand social, economic, educational and leadership opportunity for people of all races.”

We’ll be successful if a broad array of community organizations and individuals decide to participate, and if we find a way to work together.  Exciting things are happening – we challenge you to join the effort by clicking here!

Lakeland Public Television to launch FNX - "First Nations Experience," a new channel focused on Native American & Indigenous cultures.

Beginning July 1st, Lakeland Public Television will begin broadcast of FNX on its over-the-air channels 9.2 in the Bemidji area, and 22.2 in the Brainerd Lakes area. Additionally, Paul Bunyan Communications/Television will be adding Lakeland's FNX channel to its cable lineup on channel 173.

FNX Channel illustrates the healthy, positive, and real lives and cultures of Native American and indigenous people around the world showcasing TV series, documentaries, short films, PSAs, and films in the categories of lifestyle, children's, drama, comedy, sports, music, art, dance, politics, news, social, cooking, health, animation, fitness, talk show, nature, and gardening. All encapsulating a true voice of Native American and indigenous communities across the globe.

Lakeland will be producing programs from time to time that they hope will be broadcast on FNX. Programming is varied, and includes from time to time programming related to Indigenous cultures around the world with an emphasis on North American Indians.

Learn more about FNX, schedules, programming, and more at

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