Dimples are natural folds or creases that usually appear on one’s cheek. They do resemble small holes that are as a result of finger pressing your cheeks and are visible when you talk or smile. It has been a sign of beauty for many since there are people who find them attractive. Studies have shown that they usually occur as a result of genetics and that is why you will not see them in every person.

The different types of dimples include those found on both cheeks, one cheek, chin and back area. Many usually confuse the cheek dimples with the cleft or butt chin. They are entirely different in that the butt chin is more visible compared to the cheek dimples. They are also found in different places. The beauty and attractiveness that comes with having dimples is one reason many are doing what it takes to have them in their bodies.

There are different procedures you can undergo that will help you get that type of appearance you want. The cosmetic surgical procedure which is meant to enhance one’s beauty has become common in most parts of the world.wide smile with dimples Many are going this route to get dimples and butt chins. We have seen a lot of celebrities with dimples they never had before. Alternatively, there are other natural methods you can try and get them very fast. Here is how you can get dimples without undergoing a surgical procedure.


Working out the muscles found on your cheek can help you develop dimples very fast. You can assume that you are eating a lemon or sucking any fruit. This can help suck in your cheek muscles.  You can also try eating other sour things that will prompt you to suck in both cheeks and exercise the muscles found in that area.


It is another simple exercise that can help you develop dimples very fast. Smiling widely helps workout your cheek muscles and may lead to the formation of creases that bring dimples. Wearing that wild smile more often will lead to the development of dimples on both cheeks.


One reason why dimples disappear in many is due to weight gain. The accumulation of fat around your cheek area may see your dimples disappear.nice smile You should, therefore, stick to a healthy, low-fat diet. Those who want dimples on their cheeks should also try out the same type of food while engaging in the different cheek exercises that will lead to their formation.