We all love our hair. Women to be more specific are in most instances obsessed with the air. They can do anything to make sure that they maintain a desirable hair. What most people seem not to know is that essential oils can make their work easier. Those who have already used it know what the secret is.

This article explores some four powerful natural extracts that can give you hair the shape that you desire. Rosemary and lemon can do a lot of positive things to your hair. They will make you to like a super model. With essential hair, your hair will be thick and fuller.

Types of essential oils for your hair

oilsThere are many types of essential oils hair health that are known to work to work perfectly for your hair. You only need to know the one that works for you and go for them. Here are


Among the best essential oil that lemon is known to do a wonderful job. It cleanses your hair making it difficult to for bacteria to cause any harm to your hair. The good thing with lemon is that it is readily available and anyone can afford them.


Bergamot is one of the most exotic fragrances that you need to have your hair smell good. They are also known for their capacity to nourish the hair. Bergamot gives powerful anti-bacterial and anti-vitals straight from Nature’s weapon, especially protecting you against some of the most insidious viruses-herpes simplexes, for instance. Best of all, Bergamot brings the most pick-me-up and perk-me-up power of all your choices.

Absorption of the essential oils

When essential oils are applied, they do not behave like any other oil. This is because their molecular sizes are said to be smaller when compared to others. It is this property that makes them be easily absorbed into the body. Once absorbed, they immediately rise to action achieving the reasons that pushed for their usage.
One important thing that you need to understand about essential oils is that they have a high affinity for fats. This enables them to penetrate and dissolving quickly into the skin improving their absorption into the skin.


 essential oilsOne of the most known properties of essential oils is its capacity to increase the blood circulation in the body. So applying them to the scalp means that they will increase the blood circulation in the area around the scalp. This, therefore, means that the follicles and the hair are properly nourished.