Inspire Rehab offers proven alcohol addiction treatments in Thailand lasting improvements annually. Although regular people still see alcoholism as a subject of willpower, clinical alcohol addiction treatment is necessary for long-term abstinence. Alcoholism is just a neurological disease like any other addiction.

In Thailand, there are three types of treatment plans for alcoholics that include outpatient, inpatient, and partial hospitalization. They have their advantages and demerits, and certain treatment plans are better for certain cases. Here are the details on the main three programs offered for alcohol addiction treatment in Thailand.

Out-patient treatment

A few alcoholics suffer only short relapses or may not have the time to devote to an inpatient treatment plan. Family, careers and financial responsibilities can make impossible for some people to spare one to three months of their time to focus on recovery. For such alcoholics, outpatient programs are ideal. Outpatient alcohol addiction treatment is not different from the other treatment plans. However, patients are required to pay the clinic a visit for a few hours daily. After receiving their treatment, they are allowed to use the rest of their time as they wish. Although this treatment plan may not be useful for those who are still dependent on alcohol, it lets reverted addicts have the chance to seek immediate help without disturbing their tight schedules.

Partial hospitalization

nursePartial hospitalization is also commonly referred to as the day and night treatment plan. It is ideal for alcoholics who have already gone through inpatient stay. Recovering addicts are sometimes not strong enough to face the responsibilities and challenges of living on their own, so partial hospitalization gives them the opportunity to receive treatment during daytime hours.

In the evenings, they can return home if they wish but under tight supervision of qualified staff. They must practice clean living and learn to make their transitions to more free, sober lives. Even though partial hospitalization is not as involving as inpatient care, patients still get intensive and efficient therapies.

In-patient treatment

Inpatient treatment is meant to produce drastic lifestyle changes quickly. It is the most efficient way for addicts to regain soberness. However, it requires much time and effort. Patients spend about one to three months living at the treatment facility as they receive intensive therapies weekly.

The therapies include effective treatments like counseling, group discussions as well as family therapies. Overall, they are meant to highlight the leading causes of alcoholism and teach addicts the strategies to fight off future temptations to indulge in alcohol. They also aid alcoholics to foster healthy relationships, create positive home environments just to mention a few. Such long-term strategies are what make inpatient alcohol addiction treatment very useful.

hold one's handsIf your loved one is currently fighting addiction, Inspire Rehab offers proven alcohol addiction treatment in Thailand. Their treatment services and facilities are second to none in town. Alcoholism is a crippling disease, but Inspire Rehab can help all alcoholics achieve sobriety and get their lives back on the right path at affordable costs, unlike other rehabs.