What is scabies? Scabies is a contagious skin infection caused by the itch mite and is characterized by persistent itching and skin irritation. Apart from being itchy, the disease has blisters and crusts. You may suffer from ordinary scabies where you may have ten mites, or you may have crusted scabies where you are likely to have thousands of scabies. What is funny with this disease is that it does not discriminate and so can affect everyone, no matter the age, sex, rich or poor but it is normally found mostly in poor countries.

Are you wondering how scabies get to one’s body? Well, scabies is spread through direct contact with an infected person. The disease is very contagious and can be contracted through sexual contact or skin contact with an infected person. This means that everyone is at risk of getting the disease because most of us hug our friends or we do board a vehicle together, and so we can acquire it. Apart from that, we sit in class together, and most of the time we are in contact with our classmates, and so we are at risk.

Information about scabies

Infestation by scabieshug

We cannot say that the article is complete without discussing the infestation by scabies. As we said above, it can be spread by sexual contact or direct skin contact. One can also get scabies by sharing clothes. If you put on someone else’s clothes and the person is suffering from scabies, you are at risk of getting them. You can also get scabies through bedding though it happens on rare occasions. Infestation with scabies occurs after the female mite lays eggs on your skin. After some days, the larvae will hatch and mature, and the cycle goes on every two weeks.

Treatment of scabies

If you do not treat scabies in the right way, then you are likely to suffer from it more than ones. The crusts and bruises will keep on reoccurring. If you do not treat the disease well for the first time, you need to know that the skin will still come back after some time or if you get in contact with an infected person you might get it again. You will discover the symptoms of the disease after two to five weeks after the infestation, but if you have had it before, you can see the symptoms after two days after the re-occurrence.

It effects on our bodies

 womanScabies not only causes irritations to our skin they can affect our body parts. For example, in an adult scabies can present nodules, vesicles, and pustules that are very itchy more so at night. Scabies in grownups can be found on the elbows, genital areas, fingers, feet and the wrist. Scabies can lead to infections because one scratches herself a lot, for example, scabies can make a woman’s nipples to be very sensitive. Scabies can also affect young children, and for them, it can affect all their body parts.