The UAN number is a must have for any employee in the private sector. Well, if you care about your health or financial future, you cannot avoid having this number, particularly if you contribute to the employee provident fund (EPF). Nowadays, almost everything about your EPF accounts revolves around UAN. A UAN login enables one to do an EPF balance check, withdrawals, transfers along with other related transactions. The UAN has simplified everything about EPF.

UAN explained

As the name suggests, the UAN or universal account save moneynumber is a number that works everywhere. Whenever an employee switches job, the EPF number is expected to change. Unlike the EPF, the UAN number does not change with the job. Instead, it accommodates such changes and makes accessing and managing EPF numbers super easy. The EPF number is allotted to any active member ( anyone who makes regular contributions).

Getting a UAN Number

Every employer is expected to give their employee the UAN number. Some employers do this, but others who do not share it with their employees. If you are yet to have this number, you can get yours from the UAN portal. With the number, managing EPF accounts is easy. But again, what is required to get a UAN number Read on.

To get your UAN number, you need have certain documents or details of your EPF account. First, you need to have a PF number, which can be easily obtained from your salary slip. You also need to have your date of birth and your name as they are in the PF database. Moreover, should also have an active mobile number where the pin will be sent.

Why you need the UAN

medicineAfter successful retrieval and activation of the account, any active member is bound to gain in a way. The convenience that comes with the UAN is clear to senior employees who are familiar with the challenges linked to accessing their PF accounts the traditional way. Employees no longer have to waste time making withdrawals, transferring money or looking at the status of their accounts.

Has your employer informed you about the UAN? Have you ever tried it? If not, act swiftly and find it. Ideally, both EPF and UAN accounts are about managing your retirement savings. Getting this number is not hard, neither is managing funds from your PF account.